The March Wind Doth Blow

It looks as if March has been waiting for an opportunity to blow itself inside out in its last days… because it’s blowing a hooley outside!  The chimneys are banging and roaring, the fire needs no encouragement to perform and the birds are flying around the corner of the cottage as if they’ve been feeding on jet fuel! 

As I sit here in the kitchen eating breakfast, I have my eye on the bird feeders in the garden. It’s like a five star restaurant at our table which attracts a multitude of birds. Blue tits, though, come fifteen at a time whatever the weather. Their tiny, lightweight bodies fighting against all the odds – rain, snow and wind.  Today is no exception.  They usually fly from the front of the cottage, round the corner to the back but in this wind there is very little flying being done. They open their wings and go with the flow. It’s no use them fighting and they seem to understand that eventually, they’ll sail in and land on the feeders, where they cling on for all their worth until they have a nut in their possession. Other brave birds will visit the table during the course of the day today but none are as brave as the little blue tit. 

I have to venture outside myself now to stock up the log basket, cut some kindling and collect some sticks for tomorrow. A full quota of logs and starters and lighters is always my goal at the start of the day. Be prepared has aways been my motto – it’s  served me well on many an occasion so why mend what isn’t broken? The time I spend outdoors whilst stocking up makes me feel alive, it reminds me that I’m lucky to be living in this beautiful place, it links me to the cottage. Not once have I ever baulked at going outside to ‘do the logs’. I love this time of day, I revel in the chance to be part of the land on which I live and I look forward to what the day brings. 

It’s no use, whatsoever, trying to second guess what the weather up here is going to do. One minute the sun is shining down on you and the next you have hail pinging off your head. I am able to see the weather coming across the moor though, which is quite handy when I have washing out blowing in the Exmoor winds. However, when a strong wind blows across the front of the cottage from left to right, then expect troublesome weather.  January was the last time it happened and the sleet and snow was travelling across the windows horizontally and it fair by flew past! Amazing to watch from the warmth of home. I was once told that there is no such thing as bad weather,  just bad clothing and I find that’s quite true.

 Today is a wet and windproof coat day and I always wear a scarf because I find if my neck is warm, then the rest of me is warm too. My feet are always in boots: wellies, yard or walking boots. So, boots donned, it’s out the door to face the  weather and to wander down the lane to see what I can find. Time to start another day


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